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Preview Issue, March 1 : Why the Libertarian? | The Nixon Administration: Creeping Cornuellism | State of Palestine Launched | 'Private' Enterprise at Work | A People's Court? | Sitting on the Sidewalk Outlawed |

Vol. 1.1, April 1 : The Scientific Imperial Counsellor: 'To Restore Faith in Government' | FBI and CIA (K. Hess) | 'Dear Ted': Prelude to Repression?

Vol. 1.2, April 15: Tax Day | Tax Revolt in Wisconsin | Tax Revolt (K. Hess) | Transformation of a Newspaper

Vol. 1.3, May 1: The Student Revolution | My Taxes (K. Hess)

Vol. 1.4, May 15: Mailer for Mayor | Repression, Domestic and Foreign (K. Hess) | SDS and Black Self-Determination (S. Halbrook) | The Panthers and Black Liberation

Vol. 1.5, June 1: The Movement Grows | The Coming White Terror (K. Hess) | Don't Tread on Me

Vol. 1.6, June 15: Massacred at People's Park | Where are the Specifics? (K. Hess) | Confiscation and the Homestead Principle

Vol. 1.7, July 1: The Meaning of Revolution | What the Movement Needs (K. Hess)

Vol. 1.8, July 15: Nixon's Decisions | SDS--Two Views (MNR and L. Liggio)

Vol. 1.9, August 1: Revolt in Minnesota | The Real Rebels (K. Hess) | Nelson's Waterloo | The New Deal and Fascism | Heinlein and Liberty: A Warning (W. Clark)

Vol. 1.10, August 15: Listen, YAF | Leaders and Heroes (K. Hess) | Against the Volunteer Military (W. Block)

Vol. 1.11, September 1: National Liberation | Reform (K. Hess) | The Czech Crisis, Part I (L. Liggio) |

Vol. 1.12, September 15: The Revolution Comes to YAF (Tuccille) | The YAF Power Play

Vol. 1.13, October 1: Anarcho-Rightism | Conservative Libertarianism (K. Hess) | National Review Rides Again | Abolition: An Acid Test

Vol. 1.14, October 15: We Make the Media | Class Analysis | The Czech Crisis (L. Liggio)

Vol. 1.15, November 1: The Conference | Robin Hood Revisionism (K. Hess)

Vol. 1.16, November 15: Ultra-Leftism | Neoliberals in German Politics (L. Liggio) | A YAF Conversion

Vol. 1.17, December 1: The Anti-War Movement | A Letter to Moloch | The Airline Cartel | A Leftist Looks at YAF

Vol. 1.18, December 15: Notes on Repression | Cults and Criticisms (K. Hess) | The Military-Industrial-University Complex (G. O'Driscoll, Jr.)


Vol. 2.1, January 1: Anarcho-Communism | The Working Class (B. Goring) | Lurking in the Wings (J.M. Cobb) | My Loyalty Oath (A.C. Bardsley)

Vol. 2.2, January 15: AHA Convention (L. Liggio) | From Libertine to Libertarian (J. Tuccille) | What's Your Excuse Now? | Against Taxation | USIA Network | Organized Crime (J. Peden)

Vol. 2.3, February 1: Biafra, RIP | Left and Right: The Psychology of Opposites (J. Tuccille) | Massacres in Vietnam (L. Liggio)

Vol. 2.4, February 15: The Task Ahead | Meet Libertarians | Phony Libertarianism (J. Tuccille)

Vol. 2.5, March 1: Free Bill Kunstler! | People Justice (J. Peden) | Doctors and Drugs

Vol. 2.6, March 15: The New Left: RIP | For a New America

Vol. 2.7, April 1: The Mad Bombers | The Knudson Revolt | Liberty and the University (E.G. Dolan) | Tax Resistance (J. Tuccille) | Census Resistance

Vol. 2.8, April 15: The Cure For Air Pollution | U.S. Imperialism (V. Ninell| The Individualist | The Tuccille Book

Vol. 2.9, May 1: Farewell To The Left | Natural Allies Revisited (J. Tuccille)

Vol. 2.10, May 15: The State of the Movement (L. Liggio)

Vol. 2.11, June 1: The New Movement: Peace Politics | The New Libertarianism | The Judges | The Lenin Centennial (E.G. Dolan)

Vol. 2.12, June 15: The Nixon Mess | Anarchism and Government (J.V. Peters) | Abortion Repeal | From the "Old Curmudgeon"

Vol. 2.13-14, July 1: On Civil Obedience | From the "Old Curmudgeon"

Vol. 2.15-16, August 1: Hatfield for President? | Black Flag for a New Decade (E.G. Dolan) | The State: Enemy of Latin America (S.P. Halbrook) | Bits and Pieces (J. Tuccille) | Nixon and the Economy (G.P. O'Driscoll, Jr.)

Vol. 2.17, September 1: The Socialist Scholars Caper | More on Ardrey | Bits and Pieces (J. Tuccille)

Vol. 2.18, September 15: Fall Reading | A Not So Radical Guide (G.P. O'Driscoll, Jr.)

Vol. 2.19, October 1: When Revolution? | Bits and Pieces: On Sexism (J. Tuccille) | The Case for Elites | From the "Old Curmudgeon" | Gems of Statism

Vol. 2.20, October 15: Polarization | O Canada (J. Peden) | Gun Laws (Stephen Halbrook)

Vol. 2.21, November 1: White Terror in Quebec | Gems of Statism | Free Enterprise and Free Education (E.G. Dolan) | Bits and Pieces (J. Tuccille) | The Shaffer Dictionary (B. Shaffer)

Vol. 2.22-23, November 15-December 1 : The Elections | Retreat from Freedom | Stirrings, Right and Left | Power and Market | Bits and Pieces: Optimism One (J. Tuccille) | The Shaffer Dictionary (B. Shaffer)

Vol. 2.24, December 15: Death of the Left | Hawaii--Growth and Repression | Anarchism--A New Convert


Vol. 3.1, January: Nixonite Socialism | To Our Readers | Social Darwinism Reconsidered | Native Americans and Property Rights (L.P. Liggio) | Bits and Pieces (J. Tuccille) | Knee-Jerk Radicalism

Vol. 3.2, February: Take Off | Come One! Come All! | Libertarianism: A Warning (T.R. Machan) | On Women's Liberation (E.G. Dolan) | Living Free | Bits and Pieces: The Psychological-Political Dichotomy (J. Tuccille) |

Vol. 3.3, March: Take Off II | Facing Bureaucracy (N.H. Crowhurst) | In Defense of Non-Romantic Literature (J. Tuccille) | From the "Old Curmudgeon" Vol. 3.4, April: The Conning of America | Stateless Societies: Ancient Ireland (J.R. Peden) | Bits and Pieces (J. Tuccille) | A Libertarian Rebuttal: Conservatism Examined (J.D. Davidson) | Army Intelligence Reads The Forum

Vol. 3.5, May: Orwell Lives | From an Old Curmudgeon | Ireland: Neutralist and State Capitalist (J.P. McCarthy) | Contempt for the Usual | Chamberlain and Hess (R. LeFevre) | Is Pot Harmless? | Recommended Reading | We Beat the SST | Libertarian Book News | For Bengal

Vol. 3.5, June: How to Destatize | Syndical Syndrome | Jerome Daly Once More | The Senate and the Draft | Bits and Pieces (J. Tuccille) | Nixonite Socialism

Vol. 3.6-7, July-August: Dumping Nixon | Liberty: From Rand to Christ (J.R. Peden) | Comment | Bits and Pieces: Presidential Politics (J. Tuccille) | Traditional China and Anarchism (M. Rubinstein) | From the Old Curmudgeon Vol. 3.8, September: The End of Economic Freedom | You Read it Here Vol. 3.9, October: Attica | Reprint Bonanza | Disestablish Public Education (L.P. Liggio) | A Note on Revolution (R.A. Childs, Jr.) Vol. 3.10, November: Nixon's NEP | We Fight the Freeze | Confession--Pavlovian Style (L.E. Moran) | Libertarian Wit: Review of Tuccille's It Usually Begins With Ayn Rand by The Old Curmudgeon Vol. 3.11, December: The UN and The War | Mises Festschrift | The Population Hysteria (J. Tuccille) | Libertarian Conference


Vol. 4.1, January: Politics '72 | Purist Deviationism: A Strategic Fallacy (W. Danks) | Libertarians Versus Controls | The Shaffer Dictionary | On Punishment: Two Comments and a Reply

Vol. 4.2, February: Phase II Cracking | The Political Circus | For Croatia | The Shaffer Dictionary | The Movement Marches On | Immortality and the Law (J. Tuccille) | From the Old Curmudgeon

Vol. 4.3, March: The Party | The Shaffer Dictionary | The Rising Sun (L.P. Liggio) | The Political Circus | From the Old Curmudgeon | The Lone Eagle (J.D. Doenecke)

Vol. 4.4, April: A Bunch of Losers | Ashlosky for President (E.G. Dolan) | Philosophy and Immortality (J. Tuccille) | The Conservation Question (G.P. O'Driscoll, Jr.) | Short People, Arise!

Vol. 4.5, May: Nixon's World | The Party Once More | Review of John Hosper's Libertarianism, Part I (R.A. Childs) | The Liar as Hero (W. Block) | From the Old Curmudgeon | The Shadow Cabinet | Frank S. Meyer, RIP

Vol. 4.6-7, June-July: McGovern??? | The Party Emerges | Another Lone Nut | Review of John Hosper's Libertarianism, Part II (R.A. Childs) | Anationalism and Immortality (J. Tuccille) | The Polish Ham Question (W. Block) | Arts and Movies | Garbage in New York (J.R. Peden) | Academic Freedom? (P. Sherman) |

Vol. 4.8-9, August-September: Confronting Leviathan | Arbitration: A Fundamental Alternate Institution (R. Fucetola, III) | The Law of the Sea | Transnational Relations | Review of Bruno Leoni's Freedom and the Law (G. Greenberg) | Localism and Bureaucracy In the 19th Century China (M. Rubenstein) | Bombing the Dikes | America's Newest Enemies

Vol. 4.10 [per errore 4.8], October: November?? | No, No McGovern | McGovern for President (L. O'Driscoll, G. O'Driscoll) | Open Letter to the Internal Revenue Service (J. Tuccille) | Nixon or McGovern? (J. Peden) | Archy's Last Gasp | The Slumlord as Hero (W. Block) | The Schmitz Ticket | Unity or Cadre

Vol. 4.11 [4.9], November: Beyond the Sixties | From the Old Curmudgeon | The Senate Rated | The Strip Miner as Hero (W. Block) | The Elections | Whither the Democracy? | Revisionism From the Center: A Review Essay (C.R. Tame) | Arts and Movies

Vol. 4.12 [4.10], December: The Movement | Hospers on Crime and the FBI | The Blackmailer as Hero (W. Block) | From the Old Curmudgeon | Ezra Pound, RIP (J.D. Davidson) | We Make the Electoral College! | Freedom, Pot, and National Review | A Response to the Challenge (T. Machan)| The Editor Replies | Bormann Once More


Vol. 5.1 [per errore 4.11], January: The Apotheosis of Harry | Sex Breaks Up a Cult | The Pimp as Hero (W. Block) | Review of A. Ernest Fitzgerald's The High Priests of Waste (R. Sherrill) | The Other North American Election (S.E. Konkin III) | Arts and Movies | From the Old Curmudgeon

Vol. 5.2, February: The Sticks in the Closet | Hospers Replies (J. Hospers) | The Editor Rebuts | The Old Curmudgeon as Hero (W. Block) | A Libertarian Poll | Movement Magazines

Vol. 5.3, March: The Mayoral Circus | The Blackmailer as Villain (G. Greenberg) | The Blackmailer as Hero: A Reply (W. Block) | Heroes and Scapegoats (W. Block) | Life vs. Death: The Final Barricade (J. Tuccille) | The Rise of Roy Ash (B. Evers) | Denial of Protection (T. Machan)

Vol. 5.4, April: Present at the Creation | Tax Rebellion | Personal 'Freedom': Review of Harry Browne's How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (R.A. Childs) | The IBM Case: A Comment (D.T. Armentano) | Contra Psychological "Liberation" | Jim Davidson and the Week That Was | From the Halls of Montezuma... (J.R. Peden) | Monthly Index of Liberty

Vol. 5.5, May: Notes on Watergate | Review of Murray Rothbard's For A New Liberty (J.N. Schulman) | Floyd Arthur 'Baldy' Harper, RIP | McGovern vs. Rothbard | Arts and Movies | Anti-Tax Demonstration (K.W. Kalcheim) | Hospers On Rothbard's Rebuttal (J. Hospers) | The Editor's Final Rebuttal

Vol. 5.6, June: The Mayoral Circus II | Blockian Ethics (R. Halliday) | Blockian Ethics--A Reply (W. Block) | The Editor Comments | Harry Browne Replies (H. Browne) | The Editor Rebuts | Feds and Rebs (K.W. Kalcheim) | The Need For a Movement and a Party | Rothbardiana | The Old Curmudgeon

Vol. 5.7, July: Economic Mess | On Man and Perfection (T. Machan) | Harper's Last Article | Liberty or Order: 1970 Domestic Spying Plan (B. Evers) | Parento on the Prospects for Liberty (V. Pareto) | Public Schools: The Counterattack Begins (J.R. Peden) | Arts and Movies

Vol. 5.8, August: Oil and American Foreign Policy (J. Hegel III) | 101 Way to Promote Libertarian Ideas | News Notes (J.R. Peden) | The Meaning of War

Vol. 5.9, September: American Monopoly Statism (J.R. Stromberg) | Libertarianism and Social Transformation (S. Halbrook) | Use Immunity: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (J.R. Peden) | Comment (J.R. Peden)

Vol. 5.10, October: Hands off the Middle East! | Libertarians and Culture: A Challenge (J.D. Davidson) | Send Money! | 'The Libertarian': The Gospel According to Lefevre | Revolution in Chile | Friedman's Value-Free Value: Human Liberty (T. Machan) | Technology Forever (J. Tuccille) | Arts and Movies

Vol. 5.11, November: Ludwig von Mises, RIP | Libertarian Party | From the Old Curmudgeon | The Middle East | Music: The Art No One Thinks About (K. LaFave) | Arts and Movies | The Fall of the Republic | Mr. First Nighter, Soft on the Enemy? (H.P. Noctis) | For Conspiracy Theorists Only! | The 'Final Solution' to the Arab Problem

Vol. 5.12, December: Congress '73 | Are We Another Rome? (J.R. Peden) | The Machinery of Friedman (J. Salerno) | Maddox Attacks Revisionism (B. Evers) | Rand on the Middle East


Vol. 6.1, January: Energy Fascism | Mises and History (L.P. Liggio) | Danish Delight | Arts and Movies

Vol. 6.2, February: Two Tiers Crumble | Relevance? | What Kind of 'Purity'? | An Open Letter to Irving Kristol | Political Kidnapping | Rothbardiana | Arts and Movies | Background of Middle East Conflict (B. Evers) | Save the Oil Industry! | The Home Front: Review of G. Perrett's Days of Sadness, Years of Triumph (J.D. Doenecke) | 101 Ways to Promote Libertarian Ideas

Vol. 6.3, March: Seven Days in May?? | European Politics (L.P. Liggio) | The British elections | Libertarianism and Humanist Psychology (M. Andrews) | Why No Oil Refineries | How to Deal With Kidnapping | Libertarian Songs | Libertarian Dinner Club | Civil Liberties, Selective Style

Vol. 6.4, April: Five Years Old! | FLP Convention: One Step Forward, One Step Back | The Mysterious World of the CIA | Phillop H. Willkie, RIP | Arts and Movies | Review of John T. Flynn's As We Go Marching (W. Stewart)

Vol. 6.5, May: Impeach the (Expletive Deleted) | BFL Expands | Uncle Miltie Rides Again | Purity and the Libertarian Party | The Growth of Revisionism from the Centre: A Review Essay (C.R. Tame) | Rhodesia---Unjust Land Seizure (B. Evers)

Vol. 6.6, June: Reflections on the Middle East | European Politics (L.P. Liggio) | For Tuccille (R.L. MacBride) | Arts and Movies | For Kurdistan | The Hiss Case Revisited | From the Old Curmudgeon | Contra Federal Campaign Funding (B. Evers)

Vol. 6.7, July: World-Wide Inflation | Destutt de Tracy: Early French Classical Liberal (L.P. Liggio) | Conservative Myths in History: Review of E.v. Kuehnelt-Leddihn's Leftism: From De Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse (R. Raico) | Comment on the CLA (L. Kinsky) | The Prophetic Vision of Hillaire Belloc (J.P. McCarthy) | New Rothbard Book

Vol. 6.8, August: Whoopee!! | Kennedy Marriage Revisionism | Libertarian Advance | School or Jail?: Review of W. Rickenbacker's The Twelve Year Sentence (J.R. Peden) | From the Old Curmudgeon | In Search of the Old Curmudgeon (J.D. Davidson) | About Quotas (W.R. Havender) | Arts and Movies

Vol. 6.9, September: Natural Law, or The Science of Justice (L. Spooner) | Only One Heartbeat Away | The Non-Dismal Science (L.P. Liggio)

Vol. 6.10, October: The Ford in Our Present, Or Can Greenspan Save Us? | LP Platform | Austrian Economics on the Rise (R.M. Ebeling) | Davidson and 'Women's Lib' (L.V. Seawright) | Science and Human Liberty (T. Machan) | Hayek and the Nobel Prize

Vol. 6.11, November: The Elections | Voting and Politics | After Rabat, What? | Economic Determinism, Ideology, and the American Revolution | Report from Europe

Vol. 6.12, December: The Emerging Crisis | Libertarian Scholarship Advances | Women's Lib: Goldberg Replies to Kinsky (S. Goldberg) | Boston Libertarian Dinners! | Henry Hazlitt Celebrates 80th Birthday | Arts and Movies


Vol. 7.1, January: Government and the Economy | Society Without a State | The Demise of Fractional Reserve Banking (K.E. Peterjohn)

Vol. 7.2, February: Oil War and Oil Imperialism, I | Oil War and Oil Imperialism, II (J.R. Stromberg) | Tax Rebellion in Willimantic | Foreign Affairs (L.P. Liggio) | The Day-Care 'Shortage' | Sense on Oil-At Last!

Vol. 7.3, March: Inflationary Depression |Arts and Movies | Profits Regulation and Inflation (H.C. Herring III, F.A. Jacobs) | The Aliens Are Among Us (J.N. Schulman) | Spooner vs. Liberty (C. Watner) | 'Under'-Population | Forthcoming Spring Books

Vol. 7.4, April: The Death of a State | LP Convention-Come One, Come All! | The AIB Conference: From Scholarship to Political Activism In Assassination Revisionism (A. Fairgate) | Nozick Award | Assassination Revisionism Once More | Arts and Movies

Vol. 7.5, May: Mayaguez, By Jingo | Peasants and Revolution: A Review Essay (J.R. Stromberg) | Hobbes and Liberalism (B. Evers) | Say's Law Revisited (R.M. Ebeling) | Libertarian Ripoff of the Month Dept.

Vol. 7.6, June: The Case for Optimism | From Crank-Up to Crack-Up (L.v. Mises) | The Bankruptcy of Liberalism | On Income Differences (W.R. Havender) | The Ethics Gap | Burton K. Wheeler, Montana Isolationist, RIP (L.P. Liggio)

Vol. 7.7, July: Dictatorships | The Division of Labor and the Libertarian Movement (T.G. Palmer) | Fanfani's Fall (L.P. Liggio) | The Second Austrian Conference | From the Old Curmudgeon

Vol. 8.8, August: Winston Churchill: An Appreciation (R. Raico)

Vol. 8.9, September: The LP Convention | ALL Founded | Depression and Inflation (R.M. Ebeling) | Rothbardiana | On the Women's Liberation, or the Male Chauvinist Pig as Hero (W. Block)

Vol. 8.10, October: The Sinai Trap | Is the Grass Any Greener...? Review of Laura & Odie Faulk's The Australian Alternative | Arab Wars | Arts and Movies | From the Old Curmudgeon | Class Analysis and Economic Systems (D. Osterfeld) | "Libertarian" Sci-fi | Friedman and the Liberals (T. Machan)

Vol. 8.11, November: Politics: November '75 | Foreign Affairs Review (L.P. Liggio) | Is Dayan Just Another Rommel?: Review of A. Bober's The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism (J.P. Stromberg)

Vol. 8.12, December: Stop Reagan! | On Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia, I | Whither Anarchy? Has Robert Nozick Justified the State? (R. Barnett) | From the Old Curmudgeon: My New Year's Wish for the Movement | LP Literature | The Polish Question In Roosevelt-Churchill-Stalin Diplomacy (L.P. Liggio) | Right-Center Chic


Vol. 9.1 [8.13], January: U.S. Out of Angola! | FDR and the Isolationists (B. Bartlett) | Right-Wing Libertarians and the Cold War (J.R. Stromberg) | MacBride vs. Reagan | The ABM Slips Away | Libertarian Bicentennial | Arts and Movies | Free Doug Kennell | Libertarian Environmentalists

Vol. 9.2, February: The Presidency '76: The Morning Line | We Make the Media! | Revisionism and Libertarianism | Center for Libertarian Studies Formed! | Fuller, Law, and Anarchism (R.E. Barnett) | Von Hoffman vs. Schlesinger

Vol. 9.3, March: The Early Primaries | Libertarian Feminists Organize | African Roundup | The Lebanon Tragedy | Capitalism, Socialism, and Bureaucratic Management (D. Osterfeld) | The State vs. the Amish (J.R. Peden) | Foreign Affairs (L.P. Liggio)

Vol. 9.4, April: FLP Split! | Combatting Conservatism | A Political Party, Once More | The 'Defense Gap' Mythology

Vol. 9.5, May: The Zen Candidate: Or, Browning Out In the Movement | On Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia, II | The Invisible Hand Strikes Back (R.A. Childs, Jr.) | Arts and Movies

Vol. 9.6, June: Ford Vs. Carter? | Who's Behind...? | Secession, The Essence of Anarchy: A Libertarian Perspective on the War For Southern Independence (J.R. Stromberg) | The Psycho-Presidency | Economic Scapegoats: Heroes or Scoundrels? Review of W. Block's Defending the Undefendable (B. Evers)

Vol. 9.7, July: MacBride's New Book | News From Spain | CLS Booms! | Democratic Convention Notes | Arts and Movies | Foreign Affairs: Palestine (L.P. Liggio) | The Education Grab | Russia! (J.D. Doenecke)

Vol. 9.8, August: The State As An Immoral Teacher (Ouida) | Cold War Revisionism (W.E. Grinder)

Vol. 9.9, September: Education By Bribes and Coercion (A. Herbert) | Thinking About Revolution: Two Books of Importance | The First Two Years of WWII (J.P. McCarthy)

Vol. 9.10, October: To the Elections | The LP Convention | Libertarianism for Profit? A Letter and Reply | 'Benediction' Speech at the LP Convention | Storm Over the 'Scum': Defending the Undefendable Block | A Letter From Britain

Vol. 9.11, November: The LP: Retrospect and Prospect | Kuhn's Paradigms (L.P. Liggio) | Toward a Libertarian Movement (T.G. Palmer) | Health and Liberty | Metric Mania

Vol. 9.12, December: Carter & Co.--Back at the Old Stand | Nobel Prize for Friedman | Kropotkin's Ethics and the Public Good (W.M. Evers) | From the Old Curmudgeon | New Libertarian Scholarly Journal!


Vol. 10.1, January: LP Election Scoreboard | More on Carter & Co. | Life With Mises (R.M. Ebeling) | Arts and Movies | Fair Trial vs. Free Press: Court Decision Imperils Press (B. Evers) | Land Reform: Portugal and Mexico | Relaxation in China? | Vive Le Quebec Libre

Vol. 10.2, February: The War Over Foreign Policy | Libertarianism and Property Rights (W. Block) | One Man Against OSHA | From the Old Curmudgeon | The Natural Gas Caper | Anarcho-Capitalism and the Defense of the Nonstate | Arts and Movies

Vol. 10.3, March: The New End of Ideology? | In Defense of Gradualism (R. Poole, Jr.) | The Fallacy of Gradualism: A Reply (T.G. Palmer) | Human Rights at Home: the Flynt Case | the New L.R. | A Black Writer's View of Roots (A. Wortham) | A Great Day for Freedom | From the Old Curmudgeon: The "Libertarian" Church | Kidnappers at Large | America and 'Human Rights'--East Timor Division | Arts and Movies | Zaire--Katanga Rises Again

Vol. 10.4, April: At the Summit | The Death of General Hershey | The Great Felker Caper | The Historians' Betrayal | The Tuccille Defection | Carter on Inflation | Jesus and Marx: Review of Dale Vree's On Synthesizing Marxism and Christianity (J.D. Doenecke) | Arts and Movies

Vol. 10.5, May: Begin Begins | Liberty and the Drug Problem (R. Childs) | Power, Obedience, and Education: a Review Essay (J.R. Stromberg) | Arts and Movies | Who are the South Moluccans?

Vol. 10.6, June: The Water 'Shortage' | The State and Education (A.W. Wright) | The 'Humane' N-Bomb | Arts and Movies | Open Door Imperialism: Review of W.A. Williams The Tragedy of American Diplomacy (R.D. Grinder) | Racism or Sexism: Which Way? | The FLP Goofs Again

Vol. 10.7, July: Do You Hate the State? | Should Abortion Be a Crime? The Abortion Question Once More | Canadian Breakup | Exciting New Magazine: Inquiry | In Defense of Pirateering (J.M. Oliver) | Seeking the Political Kingson: A Review Essay (J.D. Doenecke)

Vol. 10.8, August: Tax Rebellion in Illinois! | Panama Canal Question | Arts and Movies | Convention Report | Keynote Address to the LP Convention

Vol. 10.9, September: The Bakke Case | Higher Education: The View of Insiders (J.D. Doenecke) | Defending the Defendable (G. Greenberg | Toward a Libertarian Theory of Abortion (W. Block)

Vol. 10.10, October: The New York Mayorality | Do You Love Liberty? (D.F. Nolan) | Arts and Movies | That Noble Dream (J.D. Doenecke) | Public Parks: the New York City Case (W. Block) | Abortion: An Exchange | The Sadat Hype

Vol. 10.11, November: Two Exits | Arts and Movies | Rent Control: the New York City Case (W. Block) | The Critique of Interventionism (R.M. Ebeling) | Rendering Unto Caesar: Those Preachers Again (J.D. Doenecke)

Vol. 10.12, December: L'Affaire Efron | Truth On the Scaffold (J.D. Doenecke) | Arts and Movies


Vol. 11.1, January-February: The Last Word on Efronia | Market Prospects for Nuclear Power (P.L. Lilly)

Vol. 11.2, March-April: Strengthening the LP | Block and the Rights of the Father (J. Maxwell) | Assassination Revisionism | Block on Abortion (R.E. Bissell) | Arts and Movies

Vol. 11.3, May-June: Victory for Tax Revolt! | Solidarity--But Not Forever (J.D. Doenecke) | Arts and Movies

Vol. 11.4, July-August: Camp David and After | Abortion Rights of the Child (J. Sadowsky) | Why Free Schools Are Not Free (F. Chodorov) | Slaves Contracts and Inalienable Will (S. Richman) | The Street Peddler (W. Block) | Arts and Movies | The ABM Rises from the Grave (B. Birmingham)

Vol. 11.5, September-October: Lessons of People's Temple | Bring Back Belloc (T. Palmer) | Shall the State Educate the People? (T. Hodgskin) | Newsletters of Libertarian Interest | Toward Freedom of Choice in Education (J.R. Peden) | Rub-a-dub-dub Three Men in a Tub (S. Richman)

Vol. 11.6, November-December: LP Breakthrough | And Gladly Teach: Power and the Professors (J.D. Doenecke)


Vol. 12.1, January-February: The Space War | An Anarchist Without Adjectives (W. Grosscup) | The Political Economy of Inflation: Government and Money (T.G. Palmer)

Vol. 12.2, March-April: Ten Years Old! | Abraham Lincoln (L. Lamberton) | The Thatcher Myth (D.R. Steele) | In Defense of Free Immigration (R. Ebeling)

Vol. 12.3, May-June: Listen Again, YAF | John C. Calhoun (L. Lamberton) | Libertarians on the Battlements | 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous | LP Radical Caucus Formed | Crime and Sacrifice (W. Block)

Vol. 12.4, July-August: Nuclear Power Crisis | Nuclear Power: Beyond 'For' or 'Against' (M. Mueller) | Technological Facts on Nuclear Energy | Review of The Disaster Lobbby (R. Childs) | Excerpt from The Disaster Lobby (M.J. Grayson & T.R. Shepard, Jr.) | SLS Proposal (M. Mueller) | Current LP Planks (B. Evers & M. Rothbard) | Late Bulletin: LR Suppresses Free and Open Debate on Nuclear Power

Vol. 12.5, September-October: The Iran Threat | Zionism as It Sees Itself (E. Berger) | The Duelist (W. Block) | Prose in the Social Science: Problems and Remedies (J.D. Doenecke) | Deflation: the Time Is Now (R.L. Formaini)

Vol. 12.6, November-December: The Menace of Opportunism | Law in Anarchy (C.B. Olson) | Opportunism Revisited | Billboards (W. Block)


Vol. 13.1, January-February: And Now Afghanistan | Notes on Iran, Afghanistan, etc. by the Old Curmudgeon | "Revolutionary" Fascism: A Review of Jorge Edwards' Persona Non Grata (A.C. Cuzan) | The Ruling Class: Kolko and Domhoff (L. Lamberton)

Vol. 13.2, March-April: The Presidential Campaign: The Need for Radicalism | The Nuclear Issue | Quebec: Province or Nation? (L.P. Liggio) | Canadian Separatism: the Second Front (S.E. Konkin II)

Vol. 13.3, May-June: Opportunism, Nukes, and the Clark Campaign | Fired from LR | Evers for Congress | Some Thoughts on Supply-Side Economics (R.M. Ebeling) | Abortion and Self-Ownership: A Comment (G.H. Smith) | Free Market Revisionism: A Comment (R.L. Formaini)

Vol. 13.4, July-August: Ethnic Politics in New York | The Boston Anarchists and the Haymarket Incident (W. McElroy) | Is It Legal to Treat Sick Birds? | "Free-Market" Congressman in Action? | Isolationism Reconsidered (B.D. Riccio)

Vol. 13.5-6, September-December: The Clark Campaign: Never Again | Clark for President: A Campaign Critique (D.F. Nolan) | Arts and Movies


Vol. 14.1-2, January-April: It Usually Ends with Ed Crane (Special Conflict Issue) | The War for the Soul of the Party | George Jacob Holyoake, Libertarian Agitator (R.A. Cooper)

Vol. 15.3-4, June-July: Crane/Cato Once More: An Open Letter to the Crane Machine | Catogate: Who's the Mole (or Moles) at Cato? | The Moral Foundations of Property Rights (B. Summers) | Against the ERA (W. McElroy) | Contra Reason: Review of Arianna Stassinopoulos' After Reason (R.A. Cooper) | For a New Liberty Back

Vol. 15.5-6, August 1981-January 1982: Big News! Lib. Forum Reorganized! | LP/10: A Mixed Bag | The Kochtopus: Convulsions and Contractions | Hayek's Denationalized Money | Arts and Movies | Against a Government Space Program (T.M. Coughlin) | Consolation for Activists


Vol. 16.1, February: Are We Being Beastly to the Gipper? Part I | This is the Movement You Have Chosen | Arts and Movies

Vol. 16.2, March: Are We Being Beastly to the Gipper? Part II | Campaign Memoirs Spring/Summer 1981 (E. Franzi) | This is the Movement You Have Chosen | Exit Marty Anderson | Movement Jabs | Arts and Movies

Vol. 16.3, April: To the Gold Commission | Roosevelt and Dissent (J.D. Doenecke) | This is the Movement You Have Chosen | Are We Being Too Beastly to the Gipper? Part III

Vol. 16.4, May: Oh, Oh, Oh, What A Lovely War! | The Historical Claims to the Falklands | Felix Morley, RIP | Are We Being Beastly to the Gipper? Part IV | Changing Judgments and Alliances | Real World Notes

Vol. 16.5, June: More on the Falklands | Free Texas, RIP (M. Greenberg) | Fuhrig for Senate | Arts and Movies

Vol. 16.6, July: Double Victory for Aggression | Flat-Rate: the Latest Con | Houston: The Turning of the Tide | Are We Being Too Beastly to the Gipper? Part V

Vol. 16.6[7], August: Smear: The Story of Update--Part I (D. Welles) | Crane's Grand Design for Update | The Post Office as Censor (D.M. Petersen) | The Assault on Abortion Freedom | Will the REAL Tom Palmer Please Stand Up? (D. Welles) | Don't Cry For Iraq

Vol. 16.7, September: Blockbuster at Billings | The Death of Reaganomics | Smear: The Story of Update--Part II (D. Welles)

Vol. 16.8, October: The Massacre | Debate On ERA (J.K. Taylor and W. McElroy) | Smear: The Story of Update--Part III (D. Welles)

Vol. 16.9, November-December: The Election | The LP and The Elections | The War In the British Movement | New Grass-Roots Hard-Money Group | The New Libertarian Vanguard | The Real World | Arts and Movies | Falkland Followup


Vol. 17.1, January: The Economy: the Year Ahead | Leave the Street Vendors Be! (J.D. Wiseman) | Movement Memories

Vol. 17.2, February: For President: Gene Burns | The Crane Machine Revealed | Eubie Blake: RIP | Economic Notes | The Logic of Anarchy | Margaret Mead: Justice at Last! | Four Ways to Insure a Very Short Phone Conversation

Vol. 17.3, March: The New Menace of Gandhism | The Burns Campaign | An Open Letter to the English Movement

Vol. 17.4, April: Movement Depression | Free Franzi | Arts and Movies | 1776: A Buffoonery (E. Franzi) | The Pentagon's Budget Through Soviet Eyes (J.D. Wisman) | Crane Machine Notes

Vol. 17.5-6, May-June: frontlines, RIP | Leonard Read, RIP | The New Menace of Gandhism (W. McElroy) | Gandhism Once More | The Real Conventioneers' Guide to New City | FDR: The Truen Legacy (J. Harris)

Vol. 17.7-8, July-August: Ronald Reagan, Warmonger | Letters on Gandhi | High Tech 'Crime': A Call for Papers | Arts and Movies | Cassandra Moore for Palo Alto City Council

Vol. 17.9-10, September-October: Up From Chaos: Total Victory: How Sweet It Is! | Keeping Low-Tech

Vol. 17.11-12, November-December: New Airline Massacre: Where's the Outrage? | The Bergland Campaign | Life In "1984" | Living Liberty, and All That | Reagan War Watch, Part I | Mercantilism and Public Choice (R.A. Cooper)


Vol. 18.1-2, January-February: Bergland Campaign in High Gear | The Nebraska Seven (D. Bergland) | Who Is the Real Mafia? (E. Franzi) | Crisis '83: The Council of Foreign Relations and the Libertarian Party (H.S. Katz) | Reagan War Watch, Part II

Vol. 18.3-4, March-April: Campaign Fever '84 | Arts and Movies | New York Politics | Still Keeping Low Tech | Fifteen Years Old

Vol. 18.5-6, May-June: Democrats Self-Destruct | Eric Mack and the Anarchist Case for War | New Crane Machine Floperoo | Prohibition Returns!

Vol. 18.7-8, July-August: Patriotic Schlock: The Endless Summer | Life in "1984" | Democrat Convention Notes | Arts and Movies | The Miss America Caper | Campaign Notes

Vol. 18.8-12, September-December: The State of the Movement: The Implosion | Why the Apotheosis of Ronnie?