Teoria monetaria

The Case For a 100 Percent Gold Dollar, 1962
What has Government Done to Our Money?, 1963, Lo Stato falsario
Money, the State and Modern Mercantilism
, 1963
Gold vs. Fluctuating Fiat Exchange Rates, 1975
The Austrian Theory of Money, 1976
Austrian Definitions of the Supply of Money, 1978
Monetary Nonsense, 1978
The Mistery of Banking, 1983
The Federal Reserve as a Cartelization Device: The Early Years, 1913–1930
, 1984
The Case for a Genuine Gold Dollar, 1985, Le ragioni per un vero dollaro aureo
Money Inflation and Price Inflation, 1986
Gold Socialism or Dollar Socialism?, 1987
Timberlake on the Austrian Theory of Money: A Comment
, 1988
Deflation, Free or Compulsory, 1991
The Mysterious Fed, 1991, La misteriosa Fed
Aurophobia, or, Free Banking on What Standard?
, 1992
The Case Against the Fed, 1994
Taking Money Back, Fractional Reserve Banking
, The Solution [To Save Our Economy From Destruction], 1995, Riprendiamoci la moneta, La banca a riserva frazionaria, La soluzione