Analisi sociale, sociologia, psicologia

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In Defense of Demagogues, 1954, In difesa dei demagoghi
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A Fable for Our Times By One of the Unreconstructed, 1961
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Education in California, 1967
Abolish Slavery–Part I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, 1967
Gun Laws, 1967
The Case of John Milton Ratliff, 1967
The Amateur "Ideal", 1968
The Revolutionary Mood, 1968
Columbia: The Night of Infamy, 1968
Draft Boards, 1968
The Student Revolution, 1968
The Great Ecology Issue: Conservation in The Free Market, 1970
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Defusing the Baby Bomb, 1971
Kid Lib, 1972
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Cloning: Menace Or Promise?, 1978
The Menace of the Space Cult, 1979
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The Progressive Era and the Family
, 1986
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The Women/Ladies/Girls/Spoiled Brats of Mills, 1990
Down With the D-e-efense, 1990
On Being Negative, 1991
The Case for ‘Hypocrisy’, 1991
‘Date Rape’ on Campus, 1991
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The Deaf and the Blind, 1991
Is God A Man?, 1991
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Tips for (Male) Wannabee S.C. Justices, 1991
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Fluoridation Revisited, 1993
‘Debauchery! Debauchery!’ At Tailhook, 1993
Some Reflections on the Olympics, 1994
America’s Most Persecuted Minority, 1994, La minoranza più perseguitata d'America
Egalitarianism and the Elites
, 1995, L'egualitarismo e le élite
Intimidation by Rhetoric, 1996