LEFT AND RIGHT: A Journal of Libertarian Thought

Volume 1, Number 1; Spring 1965 

Editorial: The General Line
Murray N. Rothbard: Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty  
Leonard P. Liggio: Why the Futile Crusade?  
Alan Milchman: D.F. Fleming on "The Origins of the Cold War"  

Volume 1, Number 2; Autumn 1965 

Murray N. Rothbard: Fortune and American "Idealism" 
Murray N. Rothbard: Discovering the Ninth Amendment  
Conrad J. Lynn: The Case of David Mitchell versus the United States
Murray N. Rothbard: Liberty and the New Left 
Daniel Webster: On Conscription

Volume 2, Number 1; Winter 1966 

Murray N. Rothbard: Old Right/New Left 
Murray N. Rothbard: New Right: National Review?s Anniversary 
Editorial: New Right: Future? 
Murray N. Rothbard: From Georgia With Love: The Case of Julian Bond 
Murray N. Rothbard: The Mitchell Case 
Leonard P. Liggio: Isolationism, Old and New, Part I
Garet Garrett: The American Empire  

Volume 2, Number 2; Spring 1966 

Murray N. Rothbard: The Irish Revolution  
Murray N. Rothbard: The Power of the President  
Murray N. Rothbard: Labor Unionism, Two Views  
Editorial: Cold War Revisionism, The Major Historical Task  
Murray N. Rothbard: Our First Anniversary  
William L. Neumann: Hiroshima Reconsidered  
Leonard P. Liggio: Early Anti-Imperialism  
Russell D. Stetler: Freedom to Travel  
Herbert Spencer: On Moral Education  

Volume 2, Number 3; Autumn 1966 

Murray N. Rothbard: Why Be Libertarian?  
Murray N. Rothbard: The Cry for Power: Black, White, and "Polish"  
Murray N. Rothbard: The Martyrdom of Earl Francis  
Murray N. Rothbard: Pearl Harbor: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary  
Yale Brozen: Automation: The Retreating Catastrophe  
Eric Dalton: Private Property and Collective Security  
Leonard P. Liggio: Palefaces or Redskins: A Profile of Americans  

Volume 3, Number 1; Winter 1967 

Murray N. Rothbard: Frank Chodorov, RIP  
Murray N. Rothbard: SDS: The New Turn  
Editorial: Ronald Reagan as Educator 
Murray N. Rothbard: Is There a Nazi Threat?  
Murray N. Rothbard: Liberalism and the CIA  
Janet McCloud and Robert Casey: The Last Indian War  
Lysander Spooner: Natural Law, or the Science of Justice  

Volume 3, Number 2; Spring-Summer 1967 

Gordon Tullock: The Economics of Slavery 
Frederick C. Freiling: Tullock on Science and Society  
Murray N. Rothbard: Frank Meyer on the Communist Bogey-Man  
Leonard P. Liggio: Vietnam: Teach-Ins  
Leonard P. Liggio: Vietnam and the Republicans  
Leonard P. Liggio: Isolationism Reconsidered  
Letters: Kerry Thornley: Alms for the Aged!  

Volume 3, Number 3; Spring-Autumn 1967 

Murray N. Rothbard: Ernesto Che Guevara, RIP  
Murray N. Rothbard: The Black Revolution  
Murray N. Rothbard: On Desecrating the Flag 
Murray N. Rothbard: War Guilt in the Middle East  
Ronald Radosh: Democracy And The Formation Of Foreign Policy: The Case of F.D.R. and America's Entry into World War II  
Laurence S. Moss: The Power Elite Revisited  
Marvin E. Gettleman: A Vietnam Bibliography  
Leonard P. Liggio: A Bernard Fall Retrospective  
Leonard P. Liggio: First Thoughts on the Announcement of the Death of Bernard Fall  
Marvin E. Gettleman: On Fall's Hell in a Very Small Place, A Frenchman's Viewpoint  

Volume 4, Number 1; 1968 

Murray N. Rothbard: Harry Elmer Barnes, RIP  
Editorial: A Note to Our Subscribers  
Harry Elmer Barnes: Pearl Harbor After a Quarter of a Century