Politica estera

The Real Aggressor, 1954
For a New Isolationism, 1959
Myths of the Cold War, 1966
Is There a Nazi Threat?, 1967
The Middle East Crisis, 1967
‘Little’ Israel,
War Guilt in the Middle East
, 1967, Le colpe della guerra in Medio Oriente
Why Do They All Hate France’s De Gaulle?, 1967
The Cyprus Question, 1967
How to Get Out of Vietnam, 1967
The Pueblo Caper, 1968
The State of the War, 1968
The Vietnam Crisis, 1968
The Escalation of Lyndon Johnson, 1968
What Does the Viet Cong Want?, 1968
The Peace Negotiations, 1968
French Revolution–1968, 1968
National Liberation, 1969
Mao As Free Enterpriser, Or, Halbrook in Wonderland, 1972
Reason Watch, 1977
Soviet Foreign Policy: A Revisionist Perspective, 1978
Getting Tough in Zaire, 1978
Camp David and After, 1978
Rothbard Replies 1, 1979
Rothbard Replies 3, 1979
The Myth of Monolithic Communism, 1979
And Now, Afghanistan, 1980, E ora, l’Afghanistan
Notes on Iran, Afghanistan, etc., 1980
Where the Left Goes Wrong On Foreign Policy, 1982
The Crusade Against South Africa, 1985
Who Are the 'Terrorists'?, 1986
The Post-Cold War World, 1990
The Nationalities Question, 1990
Mr. Bush’s War, 1990
An Open Letter to Saddam Hussein, 1990
Why the Intervention in Arabia?, 1990
Mr. Bush’s Shooting War, 1991
Notes on the Nintendo War, 1991
Lessons of the Gulf War, 1991
George Herbert Walker Bush: The Power and the Glory, 1991
Why the War? The Kuwait Connection, 1991
Yugoslavian Breakup, 1991
Welcome, Slovenia!, 1991
Lessons of the Three Days in August, 1991
The Cyprus Question, 1991
It's Time for a War!, 1992
New World Order, Haiti Department, 1992
Ex-Yugoslavia, 1992
Anarchists in Poland, 1992
Ex-Czechoslovakia, 1992
U.S., Keep Out of Bosnia!, 1992
The New York Times, Communism, and South Africa, 1992
Ethnic Fury In The Caucuses: Sorting It Out, 1993
The December Surprise, 1993
But What About The Hungarians?, 1993
‘Doing God’s Work’ in Somalia’, 1993
Hands Off the Serbs!, 1993
The Bosnian Serbs Stand Tall, 1993
Anti-War Alliance Lives!, 1993
Where Intervene Next?, 1993
The Israel-P.L.O. Accord, 1993
Heil Yeltsin?, 1993
Bosnian Update: No Peace, No Peace-Keeping, 1993
The Halperin Case, 1994
Korean War Redux?, 1994
Zhirinovsky: Yet Another ‘Hitler’?, 1994
First Fruits of Nafta: The Mexican Revolution, 1994
Vatican-Israel Rapprochement, 1994
The Vital Importance of Separation, 1994
Russia’s Triumph at Sarajevo, 1994
Hutus vs. Tutsis, 1994
Revolution in Italy!
Invade the World, 1994
Cuba: A Modest Proposal,1994